Still a lot to figure out

I honestly thought that when I typed the final words on my manuscript, which would become my first published novel, that the hard part was over *cue canned laughter* OMG I was soooo wrong! The hard part hadn’t even begun. Now, I’m not talking about the bad reviews, because I knew there would be some, and I knew no matter how much I said I wouldn’t read them, I would. And I did. But that wasn’t the hard part, the hard part happened just after I hit publish.

So I stayed up until 7am the day the book was due to hit the virtual shelves. There were lots of last minute hitches, and suddenly sleep wasn’t really important. And then that was it. Rules of Harte was on Amazon, and people were actually downloading it. It was climbing the charts and I felt a mix of excitement and need to puke swish around my body all day.

And then my worst nightmare. The final edited wasn’t quite so final…the book was littered with typos *cue complete freak out*. I’d gotten the book back from my editor twenty-four hours before its scheduled release. I’d been so busy formatting, I hadn’t re-read the book (for what would have been the millionth time). Oh my God was I sorry.


After and initial period of denial, lasting all of about two minutes, I dived into the book to see how bad the mess was and how quickly I could fix it. I’d sent copies to bloggers and news of the release was splashed all over social media. This was bad. Very bad! Everyone was going to think I was an idiot. And some did. And the truth is, well, they were right. And I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

The book was offline for a while (given that I somehow managed to catch myself a crazy troll – long story) It was polished up and given a new cover. And even though it reached the top 10 internationally in its genre, I’m not sure the buzz will ever be quite what it was on those initial few days when it first released.

Book 2 is due for release in November. And whether it sells ten or ten thousand copies, at least I’ll have learned from my mistakes. I’m even looking forward to doing it all over again – just minus the meltdowns this time 🙂

One thought on “Still a lot to figure out

  1. Well I’m a fan and I will come back for book #2. Everyone makes mistakes and lots of people will criticize the author’s work. Some people can just be so cruel. Keep doing what you’re doing, work harder and you will get what you deserve. I will be here to witness everything about you and Julian. And will help spread the word in anyway Four Chicks Flipping Pages can.

    Kat ❤


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