Early Scene from Harte #2

This is completely un-edited; it literally just came off the tips of my fingers a couple of minutes ago, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share. So, please excuse any typos or missing words etc. It’ll all be fixed up later xx

Her perky, peachy ass cheeks clenched as Julian pushed deep inside her and she groaned softly. He placed his palm flat against the base of her spine and lowered her against his desk. She squealed as her nipples touched the cold wood and her whole body jerked.
‘Shh,’ Julian commanded, the sounds of her high pitched voice was putting him off.
He grabbed her waist and rocked his hips roughly, slamming his balls against her clammy skin.
‘Say my name,’ she whispered.
Julian’s pace slowed. He didn’t know her name. If she’d told him, it wasn’t because he’d asked. He dropped his right hand a little lower and slid a couple of fingers against her clit. Anything to shut her up. She dropped her head back and gasped. He added a little pressure and soon he could feel her on the edge of orgasm. He wasn’t overly concerned with pleasuring her, but he did enjoy the tightness of her pussy as it spasmed around his cock.
‘Oh my God. That. Was. A-mazing,’ she said as she turned around to face him.
It wasn’t. Julian’s face didn’t register a reaction.
She twisted her arms behind her back, placed her hands against the edge of the desk and leaned forward running the tip of her tongue against his cock.
Julian raised an eyebrow and his jaw twitched to one side. He placed his hand on her shoulder and used her body to push himself completely upright. He caught his boxers and suit trousers from around his ankles and pulled them back up together. Her expression as he zipped up, and adjusted his belt was priceless. Rabbit in the headlights.
‘That’ll be all for today. Thank you.’
‘You’re done?’ She said, irritatingly coy.
‘For now. Yes.’
She was disappointed, it was written all over her face. He was bored.
‘Will I come back later? Maybe we could get some lunch?’
Julian looked at his watch. He had a meeting in less than ten minutes and he wanted to grab a quick word with Shelly beforehand.
‘I don’t do lunch.’
‘You don’t eat?’
Julian rolled his eyes. Christ she was thick as well as irritating. ‘What?’
‘Sorry, I’m not very good at this. I’ll just meant, maybe it would be nice for us to have a chance to, you know, talk and stuff.’
Julian picked up her kaki, shirt dress off the floor. Shook it out, just once, and handed it to her. ‘I don’t think so. If I want to see you again, you’ll know.’ Julian flicked his eyes toward the large, solid-oak, double doors of his office, hoping she’d pick up on his subtle gesture. He wouldn’t usually have any problem asking her to leave, but most women followed that request with either a tantrum or tears and he really didn’t have time for either today.
‘Okay, well you call me, then?’ she said smiling as she buttoned her dress back up.
She repeated her best rabbit in headlights impersonation, only this time it was less amusing. Julian glanced at his watched again. Another one who was expecting more from this than they were going to get. With all the gossip about cock size, would it kill the rumour mill to mention he didn’t do intimate?
‘I have somewhere I need to be.’ He rummaged in his desk drawer while talking. ‘If you need a moment before you go back downstairs, fair enough. The coffee machine is over there, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.’
‘Coffee? What? Coffee!’
‘I don’t’ drink tea. So…’ Julian found what he was looking for and smiled as he pulled out a white rectangular envelope from his drawer. He slid a pen out of his inside jacket pocket and quickly scribbled the address, that he knew by heart, on the front.
‘So…’ She echoed, obviously still waiting for more.
Julian shrugged his shoulders. ‘So get some in the canteen, if that’s what you’re after. I’m leaving now. I will be back in an hour and I’d appreciate if you weren’t still here.’
‘Oh. My. God.’
‘You said that already.’
She slipped on her shoes, instantly giving her an extra three inches and making her more attractive.
‘This kind of game will catch up with you Mr. Doe. Someday you will lose.’
Julian’s eyes narrowed at the mention of his alias. The game, the fucking game. He spun around his bright, light filled office. He hadn’t played in months. The charade meant nothing without Eva. But his reputation perceived him. Even with new girls who wouldn’t have clue how to play if a rule book slapped them in the face. All his recent conquests were post game employees but it didn’t make them any less curious or gossip fuelled.
Julian turned his back to her and walked towards the door.
‘Asshole. You’re a fucking asshole.’ She screamed, her voice echoing behind him.
Julian spun around and laughed. ‘I’m an asshole because I don’t want you to suck my cock?
She didn’t reply.
‘Cheers darlin’. I’m an asshole and you’re a cheap bitch. Now get out of my office before I fire you.’
She rushed passed him, purposely jerking her shoulder against him as she hurried out the door.
‘Introducing yourself to our newest employee, I see,’ Shelly joked as Julian reached his office door. ‘She’s not a crier, I’m impressed.’
‘At least one of us is.’
‘Maybe you shouldn’t call so many different girls up and you wouldn’t be disappointed so often.’
Julian liked Shelly. He liked her a lot. Even more since he gotten to know her and stopped fucking her. But he knew her loyalties lay with Eva and even though shelly wouldn’t admit it, she’d changed over the last few months. And she didn’t approve of his indulgent lifestyle.
‘Maybe you shouldn’t keep count?’ Julian said, not completely joking.
‘Speaking of counting. I was looking at the holiday schedule…’
Julian scrunched his nose. He hated when Shelly was away, the agency usually replaced her with someone too ugly to fuck or married.
‘…I want to get away for Christmas.’
‘Christmas? That’s in two weeks?’
‘So is that okay? I’ll log it with HR today, yeah?’
‘How long?’
‘Couple of weeks?’
‘Ah for fucks sake, Shell. Okay. But ask the agency to send photos with their temps resumes.’
‘Julian.’ Shelly said his name like she was singing.
He wasn’t asking for her approval. He was serious. ‘Aim for brunette, perky tits and single.’
‘Do you want me to ask if she’s frigid or up-for-it too?’
Julian shot her a coquettish grin. ‘Now there’s an idea. If only all resumes included the finer details. It could come under hobbies. Makes for a more interesting read than, enjoys hockey and painting.’

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