So, Where Do You Do It?

It goes without saying that one of the most common places to do it is in bed, late at night with dimmed lighting, tucked up under a nice cosy duvet. Even better if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine first to relax, helps you get straight into it – I find. Of course there are morning people too. They prefer to do it after a good nights sleep. More energy and all that.

Sexy reading

I have a friend who swears that on a winter’s evening with snow outside and a blazing fire, she just can’t help herself. She throws a blanket in front of the fire, turns on soft background music and she can enjoy if for hours, non-stop. My own personal favourite is in the bath, but you do have to be careful not to get it wet. That’s a disaster. I splashed it one time and my husband got a shock. He was still moaning about it three months later…seesh!

But of course there are many more adventurous places to try it. An aeroplane for example. What? Ah c’mon…we all know every second person out there wants to do it on a plane. It’s a great way to entertain yourself when you’re a mile high. It can be a little irritating if the person in front has their seat reclined so far back that you are forced to do it in a horribly uncomfortable position. Just remember that they are probably trying it too and avoid the temptation to kick their seat.
A train is another one, although I know a few people who don’t like that. It’s too much effort to find it, get it out and use it. When it’s only at short commute you’re usually at your stop before you’ve had a chance to really enjoy the experience.

There are organised groups for doing it. I haven’t tried any but some friends have, and they love it. There are no expectations and you take it at your own pace. One friend says her favourite part is talking about it afterwards over a cup of tea.

Let’s not forget that some people try swapping, although this is not always ideal. You can find that your expectations are too high and you’re left disappointed. Or you may enjoy it so much you’re reluctant to swap back. Try to remember everyone has different taste and be open minded.

This is embarrassing, but I admit I’ve tried to hide so I can do it in private, by myself. Just last week I climbed into the wardrobe so I could do it without my husband finding me, or the kids shouting for my attention. It was fabulous. I was really getting into it when my bloody battery died and the light on my Kindle went out…I could have screamed.

So where do you do it? Where is your favourite place to read a great book? Er…what did you think I was going to ask???

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