Here’s where I’m at

I’m not sure if authors are supposed to have online confessions? But I’m going to go for it anyway (it’s like free therapy)

writer funny

I love seeing reviews that mention how awesome Rules of Harte is for a debut novel, I’m not going to mention the ones that say I suck arse as an author, but if truth be told I’ve been at this writing malarkey for years now.
I started scribbling notes when I was in my teens. By the time I was twenty-three I had two full length novels and then, well, then I gave up. Real life got in the way, I had more kids than I had hands, and I started to believe I sucked.
Finally I uploaded a few chapters to an online writing community, Authonomy, hosted by Harper Collins, and gradually I regained a little confidence. The manuscript I uploaded was voted into the top five on the site, and received a review from the publisher. Now, while they didn’t come beating down my door throwing wads of cash at me, they did tell me I didn’t suck and that I really, honestly, could write. Well, hell…isn’t that all a girl needs to hear?

So egged on from some pretty awesome writer friends, made on said website, I set myself a challenge. Three months to write and publish a novel. Was it doable? Well, yeah…Rules of Harte is the end product. Could it have been done better? I don’t doubt it. Would I change a thing? I want to say ‘’no of course not’’ but the answer is ‘yes, yes I bloody would?’ I’d make it an international #1 bestseller, with Stephen Spielberg begging me for the movie rights. But the real question is…am I happy? Yes. I. Am.

I have characters that I love. I actually wake up every morning thinking about their story. And I got to bed similarly.
When I realised Harte #1 I thought I’d have Harte #2 ready to go in three months – just like before. But, honestly, I’ve struggled. It’s so much harder second time around. There’s reviews and trolls and other amazing books launching every day to consider. I’ve deleted more than I should because I let stuff get to me, but then I realised, I can’t write the book I think people want to read. I have to write the book I want to write, and hope and cross my fingers that that is the book people want to read.

Round two. Game on *gulp*

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