New Year…New Me. Eh?

Around this time every year I discover that the New Year’s Resolutions I set at four minutes to midnight on Dec 31st may have needed a little more mulling over. Because, the truth is, at that stage of the evening the only thing mulled over is the wine.  And, well, more often than not my New Year’s Resolutions suck.

Like the time I said I’d give up chocolate. What. The. Hell? I’m so never giving up chocolate.

Or that I was going to start some wonderful exercise regime. Pfft! Well, maybe I’ll walk instead of drive to the shop to buy my chocolate.

But, something is a bit different about this year. With week one of the New Year almost over I find I’m actually sticking to my goals. Okay, okay so I know a week isn’t a very long time but I’ve usually given up three days ago.

2014 was the year I published my first book (and my second) and my resolution for 2015 is…’’To Keep Going’’.

But I’m cheating a little. I’ve discovered goals are easy to stick to when they’re something you really, REALLY want and they’re realistic.  But they need to be both, not just wanting the perfect bum when you spent all day sitting on it.  But I’m okay with my less than perfect arse, because by the end of 2015 I will have 4 published books. I’m not just dreaming about being a writer anymore, I’m actually doing it. And as ‘’Less Talk, More Action’’ resolutions go, I think it’s going pretty well.


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