Mixing it up!

I’ve a new book out later this year and the cover is so pretty I just want to lick it. Okay, not really, since right now it’s just a picture on my laptop screen and God knows what kind of germs are on there – yuck. (I’ve been known to bring my laptop into the bathroom when I’m approaching deadlines – TMI? Sorry!)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]

I’m super excited about this book. For one thing, it’s got characters that I still think about even now that I’ve finished writing them…trust me, that’s a good thing. And, this is a biggie, there’s not even a hint of filth in there. Well, there is a tiny hint – a girl’s got to have a little fun. But this is definitely not a romance. It’s twisted, messed up and sometimes heartbreaking. And it’s a book that will forever own a little piece of my heart.

One thought on “Mixing it up!

  1. Just read NO KISS GOODBYE. I could not put it down. Yes, I cried. Any mother would. The pain felt like it was my own. It was extremely well written. I would like to see you do more of that in-depth writing. It got my attention. Thank you for the trip!


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