Damn, that feels good.

I went to bed on Monday night overjoyed that the Harte Series was doing well on Amazon, really well. It was just outside the top 100 in the US and I was overjoyed. It couldn’t get any better than that, I told myself.

But, on Tuesday morning I woke up to something I’d been hoping for since, well, since as long as I can remember. It had gone up. It was #19 over all in the US! OH. MY. GOD! Okay, I had to step away from the laptop. My heart wasn’t able for the excitement. And beside, life still had to go on as normal, the kids needed breakfast and I had a grocery shop to do.

Then my phone starting going crazy. One of my author besties Caroline Batten text to tell me it was #14. It was still going up. My mind was blown. By the time I checked…when I got back from shopping…it was at #11! Actually number 11, just one outside the top ten. I couldn’t f**king believe it. I scurried off to check other retailers. It was selling well there too. WHAT?? Amazing stuff like that just doesn’t happen to me.

Harte Series #11 US overall#11 US overall

There was my boxed set, sitting between Harper Lee and James Patterson. Holy Sh*tballs. Not only was it top of the charts on Amazon’s top one hundred in the US. It was hanging out in the top spots in the UK too. And it was #1 in Erotica across the world. Cue heart attack…and drinking lots of this stuff!!


It’s been a roller-coaster of emotion since. My emails are so backed up it’ll take a week just to get through them. Messages of support have been so fabulous and I’m soooooo grateful to everyone who bought a copy. And super, super grateful to everyone who left a review.

Heading out tonight to celebrate with my hubby (who hasn’t seen me all week, since I’ve been stuck to my laptop). Looking forward to some good food, bubbles and a little wind down time.

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