You know this is only going to be the good stuff, right? 😉


”Ooooh, I loved Julian Harte. He’s the star of this book for me – brooding, borderline arrogant, but a nice guy at the same time. Eva is a worrisome little thing and from the beginning, I was aching for her to have some excitement! The background is nicely set – office politics with the typical Queen Bee really made me laugh and I loved that this was set in Ireland. Standing by (impatiently) for book 2. Get a groove on Ms H!’


”I don’t usually write reviews, but I really enjoyed this book. From the cover to the last page it was all just so sexy.
Eva’s left her life In New Jersey, running from horrible family problems, and has started over in Dublin, Ireland. Now that’s all fine and, despite struggling to fit in in her stuck up office she doesn’t think of her old life too much.
But then there’s a ball. A huge company event and her boss, the secretive Mr. Doe says she has to go. So she does the unthinkable and hires and escort. But Julian Harte isn’t just any escort. He’s a game playing, unbelievably hot, challenge Eva to the depths of her soul kind of escort.
The steam factor in this one is off the charts. It’s been ages since I’ve read a book with such well written sex scene. And original. Wow, yeah so um I learned a few things. Julian is alpha all the way but some of the romance deep within these scenes had my heart skipping a beat.
I hugely enjoyed this. Eva wasn’t the only one who had fallen in love with Julian by the end. And now I’m stalking the authors Facebook page for updates on book 1. OMG I cannot wait. Round Two, Brooke Harris, game on!”


”The more I write down my thoughts the more I fall in love…..**I’ve a feeling my affection will grow and grow for this series….**

“Why do you do this?
“Because I can.”

Rules of Harte is a super, sexy, erotic read about losing your inhibitions, living in the moment and being a stronger person. It has a cast of fabulous characters led by our hero and heroine, Julian and Eva. As soon as I saw the word escort in the blurb, I knew I had to read this story as soon as possible….. I was super excited!!! And I was NOT disappointed!!!! Let me tell you why….

“Could she live in the moment.”

Eva ~ I really warmed to her…. I adore her quirkyness, her sarcasm, her down to earth, dry sense of humour. Her self deprecating manner was endearing and comical at times. She says some really sincere things that’re just funny, in a cute, charming way. She made me chuckle at how proud she was of her sexual achievements. She’s naive, at times, but in a cute, funny way. She reminds me of a sexy Miriam Harte… (that’s a really, really good thing for those of you who don’t know the character) Slightly awkward around people, especially men; does things without thinking but she’s able to see the amusing side of her behaviour. Her personality and wit shine through her inner thoughts. I just love her. She’s Brilliant!!!

The driving factor behind events is that Eva feels undesirable… She’s been instructed to attend the company ball, but she has no one to go with and resorts to, Casanova Agency. This sends her into turmoil…. She’s a girl with a conscience and morals… What would people think?

Enter Julian…. Mr Escort….

Every now and again we hear his thoughts, I adored that. He could be cocky and arrogant, but he was oh so sexy and gorgeous. A swoon-some book boyfriend with superhero qualities going on. What do I mean? Well, you’ll have to read to understand!

“He was delicious, like a juicy peach waiting to be tasted.” Mmmm, yum… Lovely!!!
He’s smart and eloquent, and has a way with words and his body…
This story is as sexy as hell!!!SMOKING HOT!!!

“…your beautiful.”
“…tonight I’m going to adore you.”
He certainly adored her!! It was lovely

Those fingers and hands…. Wow!!! Ice cubes is all I can say!!!
Oh yes!!! He liked to please and be pleased himself!!!

Both characters have demons in their past, a history giving the perfect light and shade to the story. The reasons why…. The author was in no rush to reveal their issues, we were drip fed slowly; a book quality that always works so well for me. The glimpses into Julian and Eva’s past are perfectly timed.

The extra cast of characters include various work colleagues and a mysterious boss who expects certain behaviour from his employees. Nathan a potential beau is worth a mention….. He’s like a fly buzzing around, he needs squatting, lol.

A big thing for me in books is show, not tell. It’s so important that I’m given a picture to look at rather than told how it is. This author gave me pictures and lots of them with her beautiful characters and story. Yes there are some aspects that I thought… Really? How? Why? But I accept everything. There are elements that have a touch of predictability but I still felt the anticipation, and I never really knew exactly where the author was going to take me with the characters. I suspended my disbelief and enjoyed it, a lot!!! It’s like a fantastical daydream, but believable, if that makes sense? And, for me it’s all because the characters are so well written and developed. I believed everything they said and did. Wonderful!!!

I adored my time in book magical land with Julian & Eva and I hope you do too. If you enjoy a super sexy read with likable, well rounded characters and an entertaining, erotic story then pick up this book. You’ll love experiencing this series. ♥”

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